Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Training Over Christmas

Training over Christmas is always a bit of a pain. Facilities are often closed, support staff are on time off, training partners have gone home, you are often away at your parents, and you are excited about something else.

Most years, I have managed to make it work. Usually I stay at my training centre until around December 23rd or Christmas eve, then go back to my parents for a few days, do some training there, then get back to my training centre without any problems.

But it is also important to consider the need for a rest. Christmas often falls on about week 12 of my training cycle, so I am usually pretty tired from training, and pretty hungry from dieting. Christmas provides an opportunity to have a few days where I can let off steam. I get a few days extra recovery, some extra calories, and I come back to training a bit fresher and raring to go because of it.

So, for all the pain of having to organise alternative places to train because your training centre is closed (thanks Bath!), I can forget about it all for Christmas day and Boxing day, probably to only time of the year where I have two consecutive days off. And I promise you, I am going to enjoy them!

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  1. Ive found your blog!! :) will hopefully be a good read over christmas as i catch up on all the posts ive missed :)