Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Testing Times

Right now I am in week 9 of the training programme. This is the last scheduled week of what is termed the "General Preparation Phase", before we move into the "Specific Preparation Phase". Due to this, we have some scheduled tests to do to see where we are at. For me, it has been a successful week in this regard!

To begin with was a body composition test. This is a test where skinfolds are taken at 8 different sites across the body, and figures of body fat and lean muscle mass are found. My sum-of-8 skinfolds came in at 54mm, which is an equal personal best. I have also put on 2kgs of muscle mass in the last six weeks, which is ideal.

We then had one repetition maximum testing on both the power clean and bench press, which again went well for me. I equalled my PB on the power clean with 140kgs, and got a new PB on the bench press with 145kg.

All in all, it appears that I am in pretty good shape. Hopefully this will enable me to put the last year behind me and have a successful 2011!

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