Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Still going!

Well, nothing exciting really happens in winter training for me to keep you informed about. I'm training, I'm injury free, I'm still dieting, I'm still working hard on my technique, everything is the same! I am just into the rhythm now of wake up - eat - train - eat - train - treatment - eat - sleep.

So, nothing exciting to report. But just letting you know I am still alive!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Keeping at it.

Good news from the last post I made - no stress fracture in my shins, which is ideal (obviously!). I have had to modify a few training session, as I currently cannot run on consecutive days, as the pain is too much. In sessions that I have to modify, I tend to jump on the stationary bike and do a session on there. The cycle ergo and sprint training are quite closely linked - Obedale Thompson apparently had to spend 2-3 weeks training just on a bike due to a stress fracture in his foot in the immediate run up to the 2000 Olympics. He got a bronze medal there in the 100m, so I am not too concerned about missing too much. I am currently only in the general preparation phase too, so if I substitute a fitness running session for a fitness bike session, the net effect will (hopefully) be the same.

Outside of training, I received a big boost last week when it was confirmed that I would be retaining my lottery funding status for another year. This enables me to be able to train full time (i.e. 2 training sessions a day) and receive top-quality coaching and medical care, so it was a big relief when I found out!