Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Start of the Long, Hard Slog

Currently I am finding it very hard to walk thanks to my friend Mr. DOMS. DOMS stands for delayed-onset muscle soreness, and it is where the muscle fibres are damaged due to encountering training loads that they haven’t experienced before. After the athletics competition season, where training loads are low, and a nice three-week rest, starting back into winter training causes a lot of muscle damage. Its nothing to worry about, and will generally ease in time, but it isn’t a lot of fun at all!

This week I moved up to Loughborough to start training with my new group. It really is a big change. My new coach is big on running technique, something that I have never really worked on before, so training involves lots of drills that I am not very good at. There is also the addition of hurdle drills, again something that I have never done before, and am not very good at. There are loads of new exercises in the gym for me to get my head round, some of which I am not very good at. My new training group are used to all the different exercises and drills, and so they are experts at them. This leaves me feeling pretty inadequate for most of the training session! However, with time I will get better at the exercises, and hopefully start to beat my group at them. This is all part of the reason that I moved; new exercises and a new challenge to change things up a bit. I’m very excited about the changes I am making, and hopefully the improvements I am making, so hopefully next season will be much better than the one just past.

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