Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hard Times!

I am now two and a half weeks into my winter training, and every day I am learning so much. Its much different here at Loughborough compared to Bath, as the whole centre here is geared towards athletics. I am finally getting a hang on the many different drills we have to do, and I am putting together some good sessions both on the gym and the track.

My shins have been a bit sore recently. This normally happens when I start back training, and I usually don't worry too much about it, but today I had to stop running for the first time ever because of the shin pain. I am going to see the Dr tomorrow, and hopefully it isn't anything more serious than a bit of muscle damage (I don't want it to be a stress fracture!), because I don't want to miss any training just as I start to get going.

Finally, it was my 24th Birthday the weekend just gone, so maybe I am just getting old!

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