Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Keeping at it.

Good news from the last post I made - no stress fracture in my shins, which is ideal (obviously!). I have had to modify a few training session, as I currently cannot run on consecutive days, as the pain is too much. In sessions that I have to modify, I tend to jump on the stationary bike and do a session on there. The cycle ergo and sprint training are quite closely linked - Obedale Thompson apparently had to spend 2-3 weeks training just on a bike due to a stress fracture in his foot in the immediate run up to the 2000 Olympics. He got a bronze medal there in the 100m, so I am not too concerned about missing too much. I am currently only in the general preparation phase too, so if I substitute a fitness running session for a fitness bike session, the net effect will (hopefully) be the same.

Outside of training, I received a big boost last week when it was confirmed that I would be retaining my lottery funding status for another year. This enables me to be able to train full time (i.e. 2 training sessions a day) and receive top-quality coaching and medical care, so it was a big relief when I found out!

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