Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Off-Season

So now, because of injury, my season is very much beginning to wind down. At the moment, I am just doing various rehab exercises for my hamstring to enable it to recover, and mixing things up in the gym to keep it all interesting. I will continue to do this for about another week, and then have three weeks off.

The off season is a weird time for me. Its nice to get an opportunity to be "normal", or as normal as possible. I manage to get away on holiday with my girlfriend. This year we are going to Austria, as her family own a house out there. I usually spend one or two nights out with my friends as well, doing a bit of drinking, which again is nice as I don't drink at all during training or competition periods (i.e. October until now). But it is also important not to go too far, and this is where I struggle. As I am usually on a very particular diet most of the year, I look forwards to having my time off so I can eat more or less what I want, which usually results in me turning up to the start of winter training somewhat out of shape! This year, I am aiming to do things more in moderation, having a couple of bad meals, but also having plenty of healthy ones too. I will try and keep fairly active in my time off, going on plenty of walks in and around the mountains in Austria. Hopefully by the time I arrive back off holiday, I will be raring to go again, and can get back into my winter training with a vengeance, ready to make up for my disappointing 2010.

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