Wednesday, 20 July 2011


For the past two months I have been blogging on EliteTrack ( In order to avoid repetition of my blogs, I will now be keeping all my technical blog posts on that website, and use this site solely for updates on how my racing/training is going.

If you are interested in Track and Field, you should checkout the site, there is something for everyone!


  1. Hi craig,
    I just read the blog about milk at elitetrack..
    I dont have an account at elitetrack forum so Im asking my qn here if its alright with you..

    What about the powdered version of milk?? Skimmed milk powder and products like that??
    Are those bad for health as well??

  2. Hi spidey, sorry for the very late reply! On the whole, I think a lot of peoples' problems with milk stem from an intolerance to the casein protein found in it. This makes whey protein good, as it removes the casein. However, as far as I know, skimmed milk powder still contains the casein. You might not get any issues from casein at all, but it might be worth doing a month without any milk products and seeing how you feel on it.