Monday, 7 February 2011


So I began my competitive season with a fairly poor run a couple of weeks a go at the London games, running 6.74, which is actually my equal slowest opener since I was 18! But, to be fair, I had just come back from training in South Africa, and so I was clearly a bit rusty.

I more than made up for it the weekend just gone though, where I had a competition in Germany. I ran 6.67 in the heats, and 6.66 in the final for fourth place, beating the current European 100m Champion in the process. Whilst I am still quite a way off my PB over the 60m, my new coach believes I am setting up the race better, so I might actually run faster over 100m.

Big race this weekend with the UK Championships in Sheffield. My aim is run the European Qualifying time (6.65) and finish in the top-2. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I'm very surprised to have found that you have a blog, and I'm pretty thrilled with it. Sometimes it seems like (to me anyway) that the only people obsessed with continuing running (at least in the states) after college or with real passion are the goofy distance runners. I found your blog as I gathered info on a few under-the-radar American sprinters and I find the simple fact that you are blogging incredibly fascinating. You obviously are not an under the radar fellow, however. I hope you keep up the blogging, don't be like me and disappear when you get some disappointments. I hope to follow you along your season. Keep up the work!